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Custom remarques
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To search for an image alphabetically, click above for one of the 4 pages available.

Prices are affected  by size. Most prints can be made to the 5 sizes listed below:

Size & Price

Paper Prints

29x41" $950

20x30" $550

15x41" $750

Canvas Prints

40x60" $2050

30x40" $1350

20x30" $950


"3rd and Long" $1250

"Apres Midi" $1850.00

"Bahia Honda" $2450.00

" Bahia Honda Garden I" $2450

"Bahia Honda Garden II" $2450

"Banana Public" $950

"Banana Public"

Giclee Print

in paper or canvas

"Coast of Banda Niera" $2950

"Bay Shore Drive" $1450

"Beach Party" $895.00

"Black Water" $2750

"Black Water"

Giclee Print

in paper or canvas

"Blowing Rocks"


"Blue Heron and Sailfish" $2750.00

"Canal Garden" $2350.00


"Calusa Retreat" $2750.00

"Compass Point" $2450.00

"Compass Point"

Giclee Print

in paper or canvas

"Coral Bay" $1850.00

"Costo Estero" $2350

"Coasta Verde" $2750.00

"Crossed Palms" $2350.00

"Curry Mansion" $2350

"Dappled Backwater" $2750

"Dock Talk is Cheap"


"Dogger Days" $1450

"Early Shade"


"Eau Gallie Harbor"


"Edge of the Water" $2750

"Edge of the Water" Canvas Edition


30"x 40" image size

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