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Boat Bottom Blue copyright 2011 James G. Holehouse

new original   sold        boat bottom blues        40"  X 60"      giclee reproduction  on  paper    1250


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"I'm not the kind  of person who blends in. If you let me into your house, I'm going to change the room," states poster artist, tropical watercolor specialist, Jim Gerard Holehouse. (~The 2002 Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival~)

...Indeed, Jim Gerard Holehouse is an artist of a different color and when you step
into his gallery, appropriately called Tropic Art Design, you know that you've
stepped into a place somewhere over the rainbow. The picture you just conjured up is hanging in his gallery, I promise. Utilizing a technique known as "remarque," where the life of the painting spills over onto the matting that is carved to receive a flowing
effect. Holehouse has created one-of-a-kind watercolor masterpieces that challenge
your mind's imagination. His work is not for the faint of color...

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You have finally found it, simply the finest collection of tropical art that does not just appeal to our desire to come to the tropics, but allows you to enter into a world of tropical forests and hidden lakes that are breathtaking and mysterious. Jim Gerard Holehouse defines the master watercolor artist. You can almost hear the surf rolling onto the bleached soft sandy beaches and gulls calling over waves that have traveled from the far corners of the world.

Even the skies come to life as they frame architecture that speaks to us from the past and suggest hidden secrets...

Jim Gerard Holehouse is Tropic Art Design and you are invited to take an unlimited trip to the coast at a relaxed pace that refuses to accept that traffic jams and cell phones exists. Jim is an exceptional artist, offering to not only create the essential tropical watercolor, but to also match his art with your interior decor with his unique in home shows.

You simply must get to know Jim and his art! For any collector or lover of the tropical masterpiece to overlook him is a regrettable occurrence. . . Click here to start your journey!

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